Monday, February 25, 2013

Waiting patiently

Title-Waiting Patiently
Medium-Oil on Masonite Board
Size 6x6 Inches

I cant believe that I haven't posted anything yet for this month.However just because I haven't  posted anything does not mean I have not been painting.I have just completed a commissioned portrait painting of a police officer.Never thought I would paint such a subject but he called me up and, after I met him I did not feel like turning him down,since he wanted to give the painting to another officer as a gift.Today when I went to pick up the outstanding amount he said that someone had seen the portrait and now also desired one . Although he even had a good photo to work from I had to turn him down and explain to him that I have already committed myself to an three man Exhibit in May,and that I just didn't have the time.So like the subject of my latest painting ,he will just have to patiently wait until after May.

This month has been a good one with regards to sales.I received news from the Thapong Visual art center that they had sold all three of my paintings Donkey Cart,Water in a pink bucket,and Late for School.all three had been part of the Thapong 2012 Awards Exhibition last year.Not only had they all sold, but they also decided that the amounts that I was asking for was to low, and so they increased the prices to my benefit.

This month I also sold An uncertain encounter which I painted a year ago ,which proves that some artwork like wine has to mature first.