Tuesday, June 12, 2012

On my way to do the washing (completed)

I have finally finished (On my way to do the Washing) This was based on a photo of this girl and her younger sister both wearing hardly any clothing ,I think it was all in the bag on top of her head.They were on their way to a communal village tap where they would wash their clothes and then take them back home to hang up to dry.Due to the lack of accessible water they probably had a week of family washing in that bag,it would have taken them some time to wash that all by hand as well!Thats something to think about the next time we throw our washing into the machine:)


Monday, June 4, 2012

Washing Day (in progress)

This is what I started working on during the past Saturday and Sunday,that is after stretching my own canvas.I was hoping to buy ready stretched canvas on Friday ,but living in Maun ,means that one is not spoilt with choice.So after looking at some expensive ready stretched canvas ,that was as crooked as the back leg of a dog, I decided I would be far better off making my own Canvas.Not only am I happy with  my DIY stretched canvas but I have also saved some money.The prices for canvas here in Maun is exorbitant ,and the quality is often poor.I will certainly be stretching more of my own canvas from now on.If any of you are interested in also Stretching your own canvas and would appreciate some basic instructions I would be glad to post my efforts?