Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cape buffalo bulls finished.

Well I have finally finished the two Buffalo bulls,I think it will be titled ,something like ,Challengers, Beasts among the dust,Clash of the Titans....but I am still undecided so any suggestion for a title will be welcomed.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Buffalo Bulls almost finished.....

 Despite getting the flu and being extremely busy, I did manage to get some more done on my  two  buffaloes.All that is left to do now,  is to paint in some grass and then add some dust to create an atmosphere  of action.Below is some detail of the second buffalo and the path of progress that it took.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Buffalo Bulls some detail.....

Well I was really motivated to continue with my painting.On arriving home from work I switched my laptop on ,got my  Buffalo picture up on the screen ,put some inspirational music on and waited for the artistic juices to start flowing....I was far to tired and before I knew it I had fallen asleep on my bed....zzzzzzzzz.Two hours later when my brother got back home from fishing I woke up ,and after eating some sup I was up to the challenge.I focused on painting the details on the left hand side buffalo and am happy with the results so far ; )

I also want to thank all the Art bloggers  who have put my blog onto their blog list :) :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Buffalo Bulls a little more progress.......

Well even though I wasn't feeling inspired ,I managed to get down and continue my painting as I had planned to do.Even though the painting is  not much to look at ,its quite a bit of work done, and am glad with the progress so far.There was one point where my color wasn't quite right for the horns ,but this I only  realized  when I came back from making some tea.The horns were far to blue!! I had a good chuckle at this,(its always good to leave your painting for a bit because when you come back you see everything you had done with fresh eyes.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Buffalo bulls . Progress so far......

Well this is what my buffalo painting looks like at the moment, still a long way before its finished.The painting is based on some photos that was taken on a trip in Savuti which is a area well known for its wildlife especially for its elephants,it is situated between the Chobe and Moremi National park.It was a great trip and we saw so much including leopard,wild dog,lion,elephants,buffalo and all the common wildlife .This herd of buffalo that we came across was a bachelor herd of about 30 bulls many who were fighting, at one time their were 5 pairs all jostling. All this action was accompanied by a lot of snorting , clashing of horns and dust.I hope to capture some of this in my painting.
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Art of the Khalahari Bushmen

Well ,I have been traveling again for work (So my Buffalo painting is still on the easel unfinished) but instead of flying to my destination as I usually do, I had to drive from Maun (300km trip) to D'kar  which is mainly a bushmen(San) settlement ,based 35km outside a town called Ghanzi  .Since I was busy with work I did not have much time to explore the area as much as I would have like to.But I can tell you that the people are very friendly most of them wave and shout greetings as you drive by .It felt weird to be around people who spoke a language that you totally did not understand.For those of you who have no idea what it sounds like, imagine Chinese and a lot of clicking.I would love to learn the language ,but learning Tswana is enough as it is.

During my lunch break I managed to stop at the Kuru Art project. Since it was lunch it was closed but I did manage to peep through all the windows while admiring the art.The objective of the Kuru Art Project is to provide technical advice, materials and studio space to artists from the Ghanzi community. The  content, and style has been left up to the artists to develop alone. The Kuru Art Project assists artists to produce oil paintings on canvas, black and white and color linoleum prints, etchings and lithographs.

Much of the subject matter they depict is of their past ,as well as relating stories and memories of life around them through their art.In terms of subject matter much of what the artists choose to depict refers to their past.The artwork is unique in style ,color and subject,I think Picasso would have been interested by their work had he seen it since in some aspects there are similarities in style.

Most of the artist's live in D'kar and all of them have grown up in the vast Kalahari desert in and around the Ghanzi district in western Botswana. Although almost all of the artists are illiterate they are proud to be artists knowing that they can communicate to people from all over the world using visual imagery.The sample I managed to capture is just a small taste of the beautiful and original art work of the Kalahari Bushmen.

If you are interested in learning and seeing more of the artists and their work ,or would like to purchase a limited signed edition print, please visit  ....  

Kuru Khalahari Art Project Botswana

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lilac breasted roller in flight

A Lilac breasted roller in flight is one of the most beautiful birds of Africa, and one of my favorites, this is a oil painting I did some time ago. Hope you don't mind seeing all my past works of art.I am currently working on 2 buffalo bulls fighting so you should be seeing them soon,the problem is that my work schedule is tight , even the weekends seem crowded so its not easy to get down and do some painting. Have recently done quite a bit of flying in and out of the Okavango Delta, some areas are already receiving the flood waters from Angola This year the arrival of the flood waters is already a full month ahead so looks like we in for a big one.Many of the safari camps are building dikes around their bush airstrips to keep the water back when it arrives.However much of the wild life will move to dryer areas.